Getting To Know The Top Hat Control Panel

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The Top Hat Control Panel is where you control your web hosting settings. Here, you can complete tasks such as adding a new site, managing staging sites, and controlling your DNS. In this article, we will walk you through the many tasks that you can do in the Top Hat Control Panel.

First, log in to your control panel by going to or by clicking the Control Panel button in your WP Top Hat client portal.

Now, let’s take a look around.

The first screen you will see after logging in will be t​_he Websites page. This page lists all of your current WordPress websites. It gives you overall access to managing your website. From here, you can access your files and database, clone your site, and manage other features like DNS, Let’s Encrypt SSL’s, and more.

If your hosting plan includes email, you will see the mail tab below the Websites and Domains tab. From here, you can create new email addresses, create email forwarders, and manage other email settings.

The next tab is the Files tab. Clicking on this tab will bring you to the File Manager. From here you can add and remove files. Unlike most managed WordPress hosts, we provide full access to your website files. With that, we do advise that you exercise caution when working directly with your files.

Below the Files tab, we find the Databases tab. From here you can add or remove databases, as well as access phpMyAdmin to manage your database. As with files, we do suggest exercising caution when working with your database.

The statistics tab displays information about your server and resource usage, so you can monitor disc and traffic usage. You can also see monthly reports of these statistics by clicking the Data Transfer Statistics link near the bottom of the page.

The next tab down the menu is the Users tab. This tab allows you to add users to your control panel and assign the roles and priveledges of each user. This is perfect for adding collaborators and developers, business partners, or anyone else you need to provide either temporary or permanent access to. Users created here do not have access to your customer portal and thus they cannot see your billing information or make purchases under your account.

The Account tab displays information about your hosting account. This is where you can reset your password, update your email address, create backups of your WordPress sites.

The final tab is the WordPress tab. This is one of the most powerful areas of the Black Hat Control Panel. From here you can update your WordPress themes and plugins, run a security scan of your sites, and enable features like search engine indexing, maintenance mode, and debugging mode.

This has been a brief overview of the Top Hat Control Panel. For more information about anything in this article, please find the corresponding Knowledgebase articles.