WordCamp Atlanta 2018: A Look Back

So  it has been a little while since WordCamp Atlanta, and the video of our CEO Wolf Bishop's presentation has just landed in our inbox. We wanted to take the opportunity to share that with you now, even before it is published on WordPress.tv. So please...

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5 Divi Resources You Should Know

It is my honest opinion that Divi by Elegant Themes is the best WordPress on the market today. That is why this site is built on Divi. It is why we design exclusively with Divi. It is a powerful theme with tons of great features, yet very easy to use. No...

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SMS Notifications In WordPress Without Plugins

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to send an SMS/ text message notification form your WordPress website, without the need for a plugin. The process is pretty straightforward and easy to do. Every cell phone carrier has an SMS Gateway. This is an...

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WordPress Hosting Demystefied

One of the most important decisions you can make when getting ready to launch or build your website is choosing the right host. Making the right decision can be the difference between whistling Dixie and pulling your hair out in frustration. The right host...

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